SPA Cure at Studio5 (Eng)


Good morning, all of Spa people!
I hope you enjoy spa-life.
Today, I'll report about Spa Cure at Studio5. This spa is located at Seminyak, Bali.
I've written about this spa twice already, so, this is English version.
If you wanna read Japanese ver., just click "日本語/Japanese" link.

Alright, then, starting introduce...
d0038319_11152423.jpgThis building "Studio5" has some segments there.
One of these is a restaurant named "Cafe Cure". You can have some healthy meal and beverage here, though there are no alcohol.
Be healthy!

d0038319_11215749.jpgThey also have some attractive desserts made of fruits and vegetables.

Wifi is available here.

d0038319_11253661.jpgThere are stairs to "Spa Cure" at left hand of entrance.

d0038319_11271822.jpgThis is the lobby of Spa displayed some bottles of aroma and Japanese magazines for girls.
The left side of pic for massage rooms and the right side for nail n hair salon.
The back side of me (taking a photo) is reception.
I also have a picture of reception on Japanese Ver. report. Just check it, if you need.

How perfect selection they have. These are bottles of manicure. O.P.I., Essee, and so on..... sorry, forgot.


d0038319_11344879.jpgStudio5 also has wedding section.
I image that you can choice some dresses for wedding and take some photos, if you have a wedding celemony here.

I guess the reason I've been here 3 times is the location. I often stay at Seminyak Area, and I love to decorate nails, they has skills, and they also have transpotation around south area of Bali.
Maybe I'm gonna go here again.

Thank you for your reading.
I hope I can do this some time for you speak English.

Ciao! xx

  by mohyo2 | 2010-06-15 07:30 | バリでSPA

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